14.Types of Data Classifications Unit.no.1

14.Types of Data Classifications:
Data can be classified by one, two or more characteristics at a time:
(a)   Quantitative:
                             (i)      One-way: when data are classified by one characteristic.
                           (ii)      Two-way: when data are classified by two characteristics.
                         (iii)      Three-way: when data are classified by three characteristics.
                         (iv)      Many-way: when data are classified by many characteristics.
(b)   Qualitative:
                             (i)      Two-fold or dichotomy: we may divide a characteristic into two sub-classes one possessing the characteristic and the other not possessing it.  For example, the literacy and illiteracy of a country.
                           (ii)      Three-fold or trichotomy: when data are classified into three sub classes.
                         (iii)      Manifold: when data are classified into many sub-divisions.


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