Contents Introduction to Statistics

01.History of Statistics
02.Famous Statisticians and Their Contribution
03.Meaning of Statistics
04. Division or Kinds or Branches Statistic
05.Definition of Statistics 
06.Characteristics of Statistics
07.Functions or Uses of Statistics  
08. Importance of Statistics 
09..Limitations of Statistics
11. Errors of Measurement
12. Collection of Data
13. Classification of Data
14.Types of Data Classification
15. Frequency Distribution

16.Types of Graphs:
(a)    Histogram
(b)   Frequency Polygon
(c)    Relative Frequency Histogram and Polygon
(d)   Cumulative Frequency Polygon or Ogive
(e)    Frequency Curves and Smoothed Ogive
17. Types of Frequency Distribution and Curves:
 (a)    Symmetrical Distribution,
(b)   Moderately Skewed or Asymmetrical Distribution,
(c)    Extremely Skewed or J-Shaped Distribution,
(d)   U-Shaped Distribution, and
(e)    Multi-Modal Distribution.
18. Types of Charts:
(a)    Simple Bar Chart,
(b)   Multiple Bar Chart,
(c)    Component Bar Chart,
(d)   Percentage Component Bar Chart, and
(e)    Pie Chart. 


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