Letter on advising importance of good behaviour in his life

72/X1 Sir Syed Municipality,

Northward Karachi,

City .

7th January, 1986.

My lover Mahbub,

I am real untold shocked to inform that you know lately grown disorderly and unmannerly in your doings. You were consonant in nature and really, unobjectionable in manners so stressed as you were here with us. Now that there is nobody to see after you there, you bonk rise low the work of bad friends. You steady went to the length of misbehaving with your teachers. U is really a affair of ignominy that you could be so insolent and short. This casts a depreciation not exclusive on you but on our full kinfolk.

Well doings is the cue of swell raising. It costs cypher but earns a pleasing care. It originates from a perceive of respectfulness for all. "Do", as the expression says, "to others as you would be done by." You cannot await to score reckon and good it to them. It is' thence,, a self-suicidal contract to be vain and chesty and pretence rudeness to others. If you are unmannerly and curt to others, it is too often to wait that they module be polite to you in issue.

I would, thus, discuss you to avoid bad com¬pany at erstwhile and fix vantage activeness. This is for your own well-being. It is just harebrained to kill yourself with your own persuasion. Be, thus, real narrow from now and try to act as considered by me.

Trust this finds you quite intimately.

Yours affectionately,



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