2.Famous Statisticians and Their Contributions Unit.no.1

2.Famous Statisticians and Their Contributions:
John Graunt (1661) Vital Statistics
James G. Cardano (1501-1536) Theory of Probability
Jacob Bernoulli (1654-1705) Theory of Probability
Thomas Bayes (1763) Theory of Probability
De Moivre (1733) Normal Curve Equation
Adolf Quetlet (1796-1874) Applied Statistical Tools in Education and Sociology
Francis Galton Applied Statistical Tools in Heredity, Eugenics and Psychology
Karl Pearson Chi-Square Distribution
William S. Gosset (1876-1937) Probable Error of Mean
R.A. Fisher (1890-1962) Developed Small Sample Theory
J.Neyman (1894-1983) and
E.S. Pearson (1895-1981)
Theory of Hypothesis Testing
A. Wald (1902-1950) Statistical Decision Theory


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