Unit.no. 02 Measures of Central Tendency

01. Introduction & Definition:

02. Average and Types of Averages 

03. Arithmetic Mean (AM) with example
(a) Alternate formula for computing mean with example
(b) 2nd Alternate formula for computing mean with example
(c) Weighted Arithmetic Mean (WAM) with example
(d) Properties of Arithmetic Mea
 (e) Advantage and disadvantage

04.  Geometric Mean (GM)
(a) Alternate formula for computing Geometric mean with example
(b) Geometric mean for group data
(c) Geometric mean Weighted Geometric Mean with example
 (d) Advantage and disadvantage

05. Harmonic Mean (HM) and advantage and disadvantage
(a) Harmonic Mean for group data
(b) Weighted Harmonic Mean with example
(c) Relation AM, GM and HM
(e)  Advantage and disadvantage

06. Median , advantage and disadvantage  with example

07. Mode ,advantage and disadvantage with example

08. Quariles, Deciles and Percentiles

09. Relation between Mean, Median and Mode



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